About Auto Repair Services Colorado Springs

At Aspen Auto Clinic we believe in education and certification for our service staff, our technicians, and you, our clients. At Aspen Auto Clinic, you are in control.

We also believe in providing a work environment where each person can grow individually and as a team.

We will educate and recommend, but the final decision is up to you. We have an open door policy to show you any recommended service or repair your vehicle needs.

We don’t hide behind a “do not enter” insurance sign. Employees of Aspen Auto Clinic are required to continue their education in the latest repair and service technology, computer systems and customer service. Technicians and Service Advisors are certified by the National Institute of Automotive Excellence.

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau, the Automotive Service Association, the Automotive Training Institute, AskPatty, the Automotive Management Institute, and the International Automotive Technicians Network. In addition, our technicians have various levels of factory training, along with certifications from our continued education.

We Believe In...

In Honest and Integrity

We realize that “auto mechanics” are one of the least trusted people (recent gallop poll). We only hire and keep technicians and service advisors with the utmost integrity. Dishonesty in any form, at any level, is not tolerated at Aspen Auto Clinic.

In Relationships, And That Is What Our Business Is About. We Want To Get To Know You And Your Vehicle

Our business is one of the fastest growing in the Pikes Peak region; we have new clients referred to us each day by current, satisfied clients. We want to be here for your friends and family for generations to come.

In Convenience

We know that having your vehicle serviced or repaired is usually expensive and inconvenient, and that is why we prioritize your needs and allow you to make the decision on what services and repairs you have done. We also respect your time and provide a complimentary shuttle service from both of our locations. We can also pick up and deliver your vehicle if needed. Aspen Auto Clinic offers prescheduled preventative maintenance, e-mail reminders or postcards, and of course, complete computerized service records.

In Giving Back To The Community

We offer free classes for new drivers, and women’s car care clinics. Our facilities are open for organizations and schools for field trips and merit badge classes. We also have a fabulous fundraising program, our efforts support
local schools, churches and non profits like, Tessa.. This program is unique and virtually unheard of in the automotive industry. Through this program we want to thank our community for its support and intend to raise $1 million in the next two years. Click here for more information.

In Diversity

Aspen Auto Clinic is an equal opportunity employer and we believe that all employees and clients should be treated with respect regardless of their sex, religion, marital status, or ethnicity.

In Reducing Our Carbon Footprint.

Aspen Auto Clinic handles our hazardous waste in accordance with Federal, State, and local government regulations. We have our used waste oil burned for heat or recycled. We also have our used antifreeze, used tires, scrap metal, and paper products recycled. We use organic cleaning chemicals whenever possible, and we do not buy cleaning products with chlorinated solvents that harm our environment. We also use fuel efficient vehicles for our shuttle service.

Aspen Auto Clinic Believes In Preventative Maintenance

As the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We use BG products in our fluid, air conditioning, and fuel system services. BG products have been clinically proven to be the very best additives to help reduce wear and friction, and increase fuel economy. BG products are approved by most vehicle manufacturers, and used at most dealerships and reputable shops across the country. We believe in servicing your vehicle in line with your factory scheduled maintenance, and making sure your vehicle is safe and reliable in all driving conditions.

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